Sunday, June 26, 2011

tooting my horn

I put that egg box of cakes together for the woman in work who organises the parties etc, in case she's ever interested. She was on holiday when I brought them in, so I gave them to the nice receptionist and asked if anyone would be interested, and if she'd pass on the word if they liked them.

I called in again the next day to see how they'd gone down.

Carmel's sweet, childlike face suddenly fell. It seemed to grow even rounder.

'Oh, Jo.'

Her big round blue eyes grew wide and grave, as if she was about to tell me someone had died, or I'd been fired.

'I've never tasted cake like that before.' She still sounded struck through with awe or horror. 'What's in the icing? Is it cream?'

We chatted about ingredients for a second, and she delighted me by saying one of the bosses (pregnant lady - score!) had come by and had some. Yes! Excellent.

So I wouldn't bother posting this because it sounds like boasting, but you want to have seen her face, it was fantastic. Such a dramatic moment. 


Ms. Moon said...


Tinman said...

Do boast. Why not?

Well done.

Birdie said...

As women we seem to make arms length lists of things we can't do and don't like about ourselves but we keep the lists of the things we like about ourselves upside down on a piece of paper and hidden beneath a pile of book.
So, shout it out!

Good for you!

Now I want a cupcake so I am going to have to go to our own Wee Cupcakery tomorrow and buy one or two or nine or...

Jo said...

Ach, you know, it's more that I've said it before...

Enjoy your cupcakes, Birdie :)

Mwa said...

Hurray! I SO want to try your cakes sometime. That sounds dirty. Really your cakes, though.

You should say when something good happens to you. We want to know. It's not boasting, it's rejoicing. x