Monday, June 27, 2011

channelling waves of Zen calm

You know when something is upsetting, but there is no value to be gained from being upset by it? So you have to just accept it for what it is, and try to bypass any emotional reaction you might have to it? Because what's the point?

And yet, this anxious pressure in my chest seems to want to sneak up on me anyway. LALALALALALALA, I can't hear you, unconstructive bad feeling.


Ms. Moon said...

Please, Jo. If it gets really bad, go get some pharmacutical help. Believe me- I speak from experience.

morgor said...

Go for a walk and clear your head.
Fresh air and exercise are good for you :)

Mwa said...

No! Not bypass and ignore. Feel, look, examine, realise it is a feeling, be kind to yourself, then send it on its way. Read the book!!! x
(I do know that feeling, though. Big hug to you.)