Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My search for the perfect natural aluminum free deodorant has been long and arduous.

None of those health shoppy, crystal, tea tree, sage ones ever worked for me. I had a conversation with a health food shop worker who surreptitiously agreed with me. I have a lovely smelling lemon one from L'Occitane that I like, but it doesn't last as long in hot weather/under stress as I'd like.

The sad thing is, Lush used to make a cream deodorant in a pot called Aromacreme, that worked PERFECTLY for me, and I loved the smell and format too. A wee bit sore on fresh shaved armpits, but, I can be tough, and it was only for a minute. When Bodhi was born, I sent Axl in for a replacement, and he got me two. They lasted almost four years... and when the last pot ran out, I went back for more... to find (dramatic pause) - it had been discontinued. Sad face, readers, very sad emoticon indeed.

I'd used their other ones before, but they were nothing like as effective and they don't smell great. I mailed the company, but they said it was too harsh and owy for lots of people and though they tried to tweak it many times, in the end they gave up. Bastards! It was fine for me!

The sales girl commiserated with me today and offered me a sample of Aromaco, or Aromarant, or whichever one they had in. She gave me a heft slice, but it smells smelly. Not nice smelly. She recommends using it with a dusting powder, but that's expensive, and a palaver, and it dries out anyway, on the bar, no matter what they say.

So then, armed (heh) and dispirited with my Aromarant sample, I walked past Nelson's Homeopathic pharmacy and the window display of MooGoo products caught my eye - Annie's complaining of an itchy scalp at the moment, and their shampoo that cures it caught my eye. She's worried about scalp cancer, it's a fraught life, being a red head. But then I also spotted the deodorant and was seduced inside. The ladies attest that they're both wearing it and it really works... I will report back soon, once the aluminum is sweated out of my pores and I'm back to normal!

www.moogoo.ie for anyone who's interested. There's lots of cute cow photos.


Ms. Moon said...

Let us know!

Mwa said...

Have you tried Sanex zero% or is there something in there that's not good? I use that...

Jo said...

I suspect it's not quite what I'm looking for, sadly.