Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I went to the dentist some time ago.. 6 months ago? because I was worried I had decay in a heavily filled tooth.  He said there was no sign of it and seemed very confident. He said, at the end of the consultation, well I can xray it for you if you want me to. In that voice that suggests it's not necessary and he's just humoring me. SO I didn't ask for an xray, because I don't want to have xrays done if they're not necessary - the less radiation the better, you know?

So yeah, that was stupid. I developed a hole and more signs of decay - went today - not good. I have a faceful of anaesthetic as it doesn't seem to really work for me, and my resilience just wasn't there this morning. I nearly cried in the chair. The one he angles downwards to save his back, and it's too tall for me so it destroys MY back as I sit in it for an hour being drilled and injected. And injected and injected til my ear went numb. And it hurts my dodgy jaw to have my mouth open that long.

But there was deep decay, touching the root - which isn't dead yet, but may die and get infected. I may get an abscess. I may have to have this very visible tooth extracted, or get root canal. I have a temporary filling, and a little tube of more of it in case it comes out. And a precautionary prescription for antibiotics in case of an abscess. And come back in two months and see how it's going.

I wish I'd had the xray last time. I wish I was more assertive. I wish I made better decisions. Ah. A pathetic self pitying mess of woe is me. 


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like you have every right to be self-pitying to me.

catherine said...

The little sad face at the top got me..here s hoping todays will be facing the other way ;)

Jo said...

Oh, thanks, Catherine. And Mary.

Today didn't start so well. I hope it ends better.

laughykate said...

On the up side, at least you won't let that happen again nor will you let anyone else, if you can help it.