Monday, October 24, 2011

catching up

I wish there was someone I could ask questions of who would know for sure the right answer. For certain. Someone with all the answers. I get things so wrong, I follow my gut and then I cringe but then I'm still not sure. I think I'm right and wrong all at once. Which, in my world view, is pretty much how it is in reality. Some people have the gift of black and white vision though. Not me. I view the world through uncertain spectrums of doubt and possibility.

But, aside from that thing I can't really talk about, I had a wonderful morning. I've had the sweetest, bestest class of lovely Italian teenagers for the last three weeks. Today they did their exam that I had them terrified they'd fail - and they all passed with flying colours! I am so happy. I made them cupcakes, and their teacher bought me flowers.

This in itself is a wonderful thing, because only yesterday I was walking past the flowers in the supermarket, eyeing the roses and thinking, I wish I had some flowers. I wish someone would give me some flowers. And wonder of wonders, it came true! They did their tests, I gave them chocolate cupcakes that they all adored, and then I went and got super positive feedback from the examiner - I waited for the But, but it never came! They were all well prepared and they all got As and Bs. I came back in to this chorus of happy faces and tears (I really did scare them too much!).

I'm really going to miss them. Their sweetness and humour and genuineness and happy teenage energy. Lovely people.

Then I went back out into the rain, the rivers and rivulets and pools of moving, splashing water. Oh, is it raining. So hard, for so long. All the drains are blocked, because this is Ireland, and the water is building up and up and it's hard not to splash pedestrians as I go by. Yesterday I was momentarily lost, and while I was looking around to see where I was I managed to miss a red light - and when I tried to brake, I skidded out across the little junction. Luckily they saw me coming and nothing horrible happened. God, I am not a good driver.

My granny got hospitalised with nearly-pneumonia that was affecting her heart, but she seems to be ok now. She doesn't seem to realise that given that she's 94, it's pretty amazing that this is the first illness she's EVER been hospitalised for. She thought she was dying :(
But apparently she should be off the oxygen and IV antibitoics and home on Tuesday. I hope so, anyway. People come out of hospital sicker than they go in these days.

People keep asking me have I any news. Well... there's my news. 


morgor said...

When i passed through Dublin on my way home last time I got the luas from the city centre to smithfield to sort out my driving licence while i waited for the train to Waterford.
When i was getting off there were two skanger teenage girls who were shouting at people and walked up to me clapped their hands right in front of my face and screeched at the same time.

Oh Dublin, I didn't miss you at all.

Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like life to me and sounds like you are living it the way you should be.
Enjoy the flowers.
You deserve them.