Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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This morning I went out to teach, in a building with no small children in it. It was immeasurably easier than working round the kids. But I've used up my babysitting time now. So the night-job is left out in the cold. I've been to the supermarket, got some food for us all, I have to go out in the cold dark now to hang out a wash...

I'm trying to write an exam. This involves reading, thinking and hopping between several files at a time.

The kids are playing on the bed that's beside me - their game involves lots of loud, ridiculous, repetitive, shouty fun. On one hand, I'm grateful that they are playing together happily (although, yeah, watch this space, a real time head butt will probably enact itself as I type). Also that they eagerly ate sliced carrots tonight, and asked for More, along with organic hummus, that alone fills me with a relieved glow. However. However. It's really hard to concentrate with this much noise and flurry and impending fights going on around me. It's been like this for weeks. It's not that I haven't wasted time I could have grabbed to myself, I put my hand up on that one.

But this working from home thing, it just doesn't work so well. Not without childcare too. Sigh.

Still, at least it's cheerful, for now.

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catherine said...

Nice one on the hummus..I try..I do..they re just not buying it yet..and I hear ya about the kids playing happily and that waiting for the first scream..yea..hard to concentrate..but fair play to you, you re working and getting it done..I send you a hearty clap on the back ;) x