Saturday, November 19, 2011

breastfeeding and reduced breast cancer risk

Breastfeeding two years or more reduces cancer risk by 50%, apparently. It didn't work for my mother, though, sadly (or at least, she was in the wrong 50%), so I don't know what that says for me. 


Rhi@FlourChild said...

Yeah, didn't work for my Mum either... 6 years, I think she spent feeding us three.
Not fair.

Ms. Moon said...

I nursed for at least eight years. I'll take any statistic I can grab for the positive.

Jo said...

Ah, Rhi. My mother also went to the shoe store and stuck her hands and feet in the XRAY machine just for fun when she was a kid. And took as much of the early Pill as she wanted and slathered herself in Immac and God knows what. And had a life of unhappiness and stress and smoked sixty a day for some time, and lived in a house that had been treated for woodworm etc etc... lots of factors. Who knows.