Saturday, November 19, 2011

shame on you

I have a feeling that the wrong thinking and violence in America is taking a step too far, and may finally eat itself by showing its face too brazenly. The people who are wrong seem to be responding so stupidly to the protests against them that they may end up revealing the truth of what they represent to their supporters and risk losing some of them.

I find this video incredibly affecting - the policeman sprays a group of peaceful, protesting students full in the face with pepper spray as they sit on the ground blocking the path of the riot police. The crowd starts a chant of 'shame on you' and doesn't back down - in fact they slowly, slowly advance, in far greater number than the police... and move them out of their college. It's worth watching. It's a horrible video, it's a great video - it feels like people are waking up. I hope it inspires, in many ways, in many places.

Olivia said she'd be scared to be there. I'd be scared for her to be there too. I'm thinking back to Tinman's post on the student protest we had here, where the police turned violent - his son actually got hit. What are the police here for? To protect the people? Or to protect the State? What is the State?


Ms. Moon said...

I just can't watch these videos. I am so fucking worried about the world. We just don't ever seem to learn anything.

Jo said...

It's horrible, Mary, but at least the students don't back down - they just peacefully walk them off the campus. I think the police realise they fucked up.

It's deeply disturbing, but I feel like a change is coming.

Martin said...

Excellent last line, excellent question.

Jo said...

Thanks, Martin. Sigh.