Saturday, November 5, 2011

I was feeling a bit stroppy because some woman I don't know friended me on facebook because we have causes and interests in common, and she's obviously seen my comments and decided she wants in on my facebook life.

I kind of hate that... because I don't want to see photos of random people's kids or lives, on there, it's so gratuitous and cluttered. But it's rude to say no.

She posted a photo of herself all dolled up for a rare night out a while ago, ankle boots and LBD a gogo, and I though, groan, why do I need to see this. But then I just noticed she'd posted one of her husband doing a similar sexy (silly) pose in his gladrags and I suddenly feel all full of the warm fuzzies for them and the celebration they're making out of it and I hope they have a nice night out.

Damn my sentimental, empathetic heart. 


Ms. Moon said...

Well, friends on facebook are "friends" and it's nice to be happy for them. Honestly.

catherine said...

your sentimental heart..thats why we love you ..and yea..facebook is a crazy place..but still ..its a window..of sorts..and i love what you re saying here..its so easy to be .critical..:)

Jo said...

That's the thing, Mary, I don't know the woman! We're not friends. I know it can be a way to make friends, but... ach, well. We'll see.

Mwa said...

I ignore friend requests even when I know the people a bit, but not enough. I'm evil that way.

morgor said...

Jo, you have options,

you can accept the friendship request and the slyly delete her in a few months.

or you can ignore the friendship request and pretend you don't actually use facebook very often.

or you can accept and put her in a restricted group where she can't see your pictures.

Also, with any "friend" you can click on any of their posts (at the far right) and select "hide all posts from X"

Perfect for people you like but clog your wall with shit.

You should go through a clearout every now and again, I deleted about 100 "friends" a few months ago. If I don't actually talk to them occassionally, online or in person then BOOM. gone.

Jo said...

Oh, I need to do that restricted group thing! Thank you for that tutorial :)