Saturday, November 5, 2011


I just came back from my friend's pristine and beautiful new dream home and cleared the horrible counter beside the sink. Is it the kelp at work?

Normally I just look at it hate the mess, feel ashamed and wish I was dead but tonight I wanted it clean and ... cleaned it. Well, not quite done yet, I don't know how to clean the gunky wall behind it, but, still, it's a clear space instead of a no-go area.

My friend's French husband calls his 18 month old daughter 'mon coeur' and it slays me every time. Slays me.


Rhi@FlourChild said...

There is nothing more satisfying than a shiny kitchen sink and clean benches. Have you heard of the "Fly Lady"? Google her, and her shiny sink theory/method. Crazy, but true.

Jo said...

I think I did. Shine your sink before you go to bed each night? It didn't stick for me, sadly.

Jo said...

Yup, it's her. Well, I can't argue. I'll go back to it.

Rhi@FlourChild said...

I did it religiously for a while, years ago. And I loved it. But where we live now, the kitchen is soooo old that the sink cannot be shined - it's basically all pitted and corroded. So I don't bother. With any of the house. All because of the sink ;)
Hope the kelp is working!!