Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was just reading Ms Moon's pre-Thanksgiving post, and started to comment. I wasn't going to say anything about this, but then I realised I was writing a blog post in her comments, which would be a bit rude, so I figured, oh well, I'd better post it.

My mother used to do Thanksgiving dinners. The works. Turkey and pumpkin pie and all the bits, and guests over. It was an event.

I tried a couple times but it didn't really pan out. My heart wasn't in it, maybe. My mother in law stubbornly, and somewhat rudely, refused to get it.

So I gave up. You need a clean house for dinners. I don't know how my mother managed the banquets she put on, but these days you need money. You need energy and organisation and motivation, and all sorts of things I don't have.

But maybe on Thurday I'll roast some potatoes and make a little apple pie, or a crumble, and sit around with my kids with some candles and dinner and try to find some stuff they're grateful for, amidst all the wishing for things we don't have or have lost.


Ms. Moon said...

Ah honey. It has nothing to do with a clean house or what's on the menu. I swear.

catherine said...

that sounds like a good plan..for the kids..maybe its time we thought about including the idea of 'Thanks' into our Xmas craziness..

Jo said...

Ah, Mary... entertaining in the midst of filth and chaos... nah, I can't do it, and it's not nice to do it without cleaning. I'm feeling more energetic about it, maybe by next year things will be ready.

Irmhild said...

You only need to clean the kitchen, hall and toilet! It's only come dine with me where the guests go off snooping in the bedrooms!

...wasn't thanksgiving all about finding abundance when you had very little? starving settlers?

i love the idea of pot luck dinners, where everybody brings something!