Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thinking before speaking

I've started trying to follow through possible interpretations of or reactions people might actually have to the little funny things it occurs to me to say, before I say them. I suppose this is what normal people do?

The thing is, my brain seems to be programmed to respond with funny comments, and my definition of funny (or useful, or whatever) is not widely shared. So I'm working on stopping my kneejerk reaction and analysing possible outcomes, so as not offend/upset and then feel horrible about it for weeks afterwards.

You know what, though? It's exhausting. And chastening. How do people do it? Maybe I should get 'It's Not Funny' tattooed on the inside of my eyeballs and leave it at that.



catherine said...

That IS funny :)

Jo said...

The video? I heart it :)

The Rock... sigh.. ♥

Anonymous said...

I think a better solution would be not to bother about how people might react or analyse what they might think, and just say whatever you want to say.

If you genuinely offend or upset, you can genuinely apologise. If the listener just doesn't like or agree with what you've said or thinks its odd or stupid then .... whatever. That's fine. They think/react/believe differently to you. No surprise. No big deal.

Jo said...

Except it has been a big deal a few times and it's bitten me in the ass, so I'd rather avoid that. Perhaps it's just time to be more politic.