Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love you baby!

She's screaming 'I LOVE YOU, BABY!' as he comes out. I love it. What a fantastic woman, the shape of her!

I like this so much - I definitely called Olivia out as she was taking so long, though with Bodhi it was more of a hold on not yet not yet!

I don't like how no one's looking after her perineum, though.  I really wish there was more of that, generally! 


Ms. Moon said...

Wow. Incredible. Beautiful.
And I got Lily out, all ten pounds, 2 ounces of her by chanting, "Come on, baby. I love you, baby!"
And pushing really, really hard.

Jo said...

Eesh, purple pushing. There's a bit of a movement against that now. Still. Not sure what else you're going to do with a baby that big. I think there's a lot to be said for being oiled up, but no one seems to do that!

Irmhild said...

I think the midwives used oil when I had my babies? or gel? something slithery, anyways. There was also a warm facecloth, memories are a little blurry.
On my first I tore anyways, I just let my womb push her out and didn't hold back and it was a little too quick maybe. On my second I was fine, I breathed him out carefully!

Jo said...

I love to hear that about the slithery - In one of my early posts I quoted from an Alice Walker book about a beautiful, sensual birth, where the woman's vagina was all oiled and made ready - but perhaps too much lube can make for too fast an entry, and thus encourage tears too?