Wednesday, November 2, 2011

watch this space

So years ago, when Olivia was small, a friend told me about thyroid underaction, and taking Kelp tablets for it. And I filed that away, and did nothing with it.

Some many months ago, I posted about being cold, and a commenter who I don't know but appreciate suggested getting my thyroid tested. I googled it, and found lots of relevant symptoms like weight gain and depression and apathy and all sorts of other ones, and thought, wow, I should get it tested, even though it sounds like it's too  good to be true, that all of my shit might come down to a physical condition.

So, I hadn't yet committed to the €65 doctor visit and the blood test, but I've been meaning to. You know the way. Today I took the kids to the kineseologist. I wanted to check on Olivia's stomach pains, and the progression of her gluten intolerance (not good. It's time to accept it and deal with it better).

The good news is that I asked her about my thyroid, and Olivia's - and bam. Both of us have underactive thyroids. And no blood test involved.

Now if the idea of kinesiology and muscle testing upsets and enrages you, please feel free to stop reading, because I'm going to write about it, with enthusiasm, from here.

When you muscle test for allergies, the person being tested holds their arm straight out from their body, and tries to keep it level while the practitioner puts pressure on it to try and push it down. You start off like that, so they know how much pressure is normal.

Then you hold the thing you're testing, say cheese, against your cheek. If you're allergic, a most bizarre sensation occurs - all your strength seems to drop away, and you can't stop your arm being pushed straight down. If you're not sensitive, nothing changes.

Today when I held the little thyroid bottle, my arm dropped straight away. It's so weird, the sudden absence of strength. Then I held the bottle together with a small bottle of kelp tablets, and my arm stayed level again, no problem. Now, how many a day?
6? My arm dropped.
9? My arm stayed strong.
12? My arm dropped again, not as low as 6, but it did.

Nine it is.

The first time I was introduced to the idea was at a new agey yoga/shiatsu seminar thingy. The guy doing the course put up a poster of a woman breastfeeding a baby. My sister, who'd been premature and in an incubator alone for a week and never got breastfed, when I did the muscle test on her looking at the picture, her arm dropped away from her instantly, and she got very upset and angry.

It's a simple and fascinating way to answer questions, and find out what you really need, never mind diagnosing diseases or allergies.  And it's fun :)

So yes: I will be embarking on a course of kelp tablets, and you can mark its progress on these pages over the next couple months. Will the weeping and misery and low energy reverse? Could I be all better? Or even a little better?

In fairness, you can't see my scary draft folder, which would be the real decider, but that will just have to be that. Imagine, readers, the shit I don't post...

Oh! Also, Olivia's been taking L-Tryptophan, an amino acid currently banned in the EU. However, she's already stopped having the crazed, hormonal, depressive angry weeping fits and fights that were wrecking us all (5 times a day) and is no longer going to bed crying every night, so I'm optimistic about that too. I'm giving it to her for her OCD type hypersensitivity, after seeing that it helps on an internet message board. I checked out dosage and safety today, and I can give her a whole capsule.

I feel optimistic. I feel mildly hopeful. The gluten intolerance is daunting, but it's getting worse, so it's time to just get real and deal with it. So. We'll have to.


Ms. Moon said...

I don't know girl. This just makes NO sense to me but as I always say- I don't know shit. Hope the kelp does the job.

Anonymous said...

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♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

I had no idea there was this type of test for thyroid underactivity! I've always done the traditional blood panel- that's the only thing I've been made aware that was available. I myself have an underactive thyroid, which I take a levothyroxine pill for each day. I never heard of kelp tablets before either- this is quite interesting. I wish I knew more about these other options, but they must not be as available here.

Jo said...

As far as I know, once you're on the thyroid medication there's no going back, though. So not sure if it would be any use? I think you just have to look for the options, and you'll find them, though. Health food shops are a good place to ask for alternative practitioners - unless you're somewhere with no health food shops...

Janine Ashbless said...

Its the slippery slope to witchcraft, that's all I'm saying ...

Jo said...

I won't deny, it is all a bit magic. But I like it!

Mick said...

My wife had an overactive thyroid but instead of hormones I made a herbal mixture by the Polish monk and Clairvoyant, Klimuszko. The main ingredient is kelp. She started taking it in hot water last year. In September she got news from her endocrinologist that her thyroid is normal. This is WITHOUT the hormones that were prescribed!
I think it's fantastic but I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself. I can give you the whole mixture recipe if you like :-)

Jo said...

Wow. Mystic monk juice! Well, sure, go for it. Though, if the handy kelp pills work too, that make my life easier - also, I bet it tastes icky. But yes. Send me the recipe, please, and I'll see if I can bring myself to make it :)

mick said...

It's absolutely disgusting but natural. Beats synthetic hands down :) ill send you a few recipes that you might find interesting