Wednesday, November 2, 2011


'This morning I dreamed that I pissed off people working at the zoo with my opinions about insecticide.

They'd melted a glacier they'd found, and prehistoric flies swarmed out. Their plan was to increase the insecticide they sprayed as a way to combat prehistoric lurgies. They didn't like my statement that that wasn't a really great solution. In my dream I wrestled with my need to discuss things and give opinions and the necessity of not alienating people - hey, just like real life. Sigh.

There's not a lot of place for a full length mirror in my house, and yesterday I dreamed that I suddenly discovered we had a corridor I hadn't noticed that I could place it in, and get some perspective on, or distance from? what  I looked like. Symbolic, eh? 

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Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. Sometimes we do not need to call Dr. Freud to explain our dreams.