Wednesday, December 28, 2011

amusing story for the generously-arsed among us

Or possibly for you lean bastards to laugh at.


Once Axl bought me a blue bike for Christmas. It was great but the seat was soooo sore. Too sore to cycle on, really. So I went back to see if they had a comfier one. The bike shop guy was a bit sceptical. I explained I just wanted something a bit broader, a bit comfier. He went away and came back with what he said was the biggest one they had. A black, wide seat with springs in the back, for suspension. Great!

The only problem was, on the back, in gold writing, was written the words...

Big Bertha

Yup. Big Bertha rides again.

Well, I did on Christmas Eve when I had to whizz down and collect the car I'd abandoned the night before. And omg - Axl's bike seat is seriously in need of Big Bertha-izing. Ow! Deep tissue bruised girl places! I don't know how his delicate places stand it.


Mick said...

Big Bertha!
That made me laugh :-)

Jo said...


My daughter loved it.

morgor said...

The trick is to lean on your arms and legs a fair bit, if you treat the bicycle seat like a regular seat you'll always get a sore bum!
Treat your bike more like a climbing frame :) (unless you're lazily cruising downhill)

Jo said...