Friday, December 30, 2011


Last night, I suddenly got a pain in the side of my heel. I think I managed to snap or pull something by just sitting cross legged on the couch?? It was painful, hard to walk on. A bit red in one spot under the skin. I was reluctant to believe it could be so bad from ... nothing, so I just went to bed on it.

Woke  up from a dream where Joey Tribiani was commiserating with for thinking it was morning when it was 3am - looked at clock to discover it was indeed just after 3, and my foot was hurting and throbbing and hot and swollen. I hobbled downstairs for ice and a bandage and remedies. Ones for swelling and tearing and throbbing pain.

Took aaaages to go back to sleep again - I'm getting more hypocondriac, and  was having visions of various places on me doing this spontaneously due to some evil disease. I woke up again at 5 and retook the remedies and drifted off again til much later than I intended, given the fact that I had to go run a stupid errand.

I bought a gorgeous, soft wool shoulder bag in M&S the day before yesterday - took it out once and the stud holding the strap popped and it fell in a puddle :( They said they couldn't hold sale items for me to exchange so I emailed the store in disappointment and the manager but one by for me. Always complain! Now I hope this one won't have the same flaw. It's so cuddly. It's huggable. I wish I could knit a boyfriend out of the same wool.

So what is with my foot? I'm hoping it continues to get better.

Happy New Year to you all. I will be working and watching Jules Holland on my own, as usual. 

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