Saturday, December 31, 2011



Is it too late for mistletoe? I never got a Christmaskiss.

Happy New Year, everyone.

 Axl's not gigging tonight, so he's coming home to Jules Holland and non-celebration. Which is a little awkward, interrupting as it will my usual NYE ritual of half arsed working and crying. I'm really not sure what the protocol is. A polite handshake at midnight? A surly nod, a cynical wish for a happy and prosperous new year? Would it be rude to go be online, and talking to someone else in the other room? I'm sure it would, but the alternative isn't much jollier. Maybe it will all just balance out and we'll see what happens. . 


catfish said...

Crickey did that go ? Awkward indeed..Jools was great though..we rocked in the new year here..hope it's an outstanding one for us all :)

Catherine said...

Catfish's me

Jo said...

:) Ach, it was ok. Olivia stayed up. Diffused any awkwardness.

Anonymous said...

Small children are great for distractionism. What with their pots and pans and sparklers and all. :)