Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm alarmed - the tree looked much straighter not in a photo. Ah well. It's a good un this year, though it never comes out quite right on film. I wish I could still find colouredy glowy cherry lights though, I miss them so much. That last string was from Habitat in 1994, I think. Amazing. 


catherine said...

its gorgeous Jo..getting a straight tree is a feat in itself..ours is still wrapped out on the tonight is the my mind its always picture perfect with music and santa hats and laughing, when in reality its more like me cursing the bloody lights that wont work and being all anal cos the kids are putting the baubles in all the wrong places..haa..xmas = stress :))

Jo said...

I leave the lights to the man. I'm so not good at that.

Then he fucks off and leaves the decorating to me and the kids.

I let the kids have free rein and just reorganise as we go once the lights and garlands are on.

Hot chocolate and cookies, and Christ Church Christmas carols on the cd player, though it started to skip this year, must be time for a new one :)

I really want a cheesy Christmas bumper cd but I can't seem to find the right one!

Janine Ashbless said...

Beautiful :-)