Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yuletide whinge

Every year, it's the same. This time of year, I'd like to be baking, crafting, planning, gifting, decorating.

And I'm always working frantically, stressed about money, trying to cram in shopping instead of making carefully crafted, delightful handmade gifts for the people who I'd like to know I care about. If that syntax is decipherable at all. I'd love to go to Ikea and buy Christmassy things and little jars to put delectable home made treats in. Time and money.

Never mind that, I'd like to send some Christmas cards instead of stressing about time and stamps. Last year I even wrote, adressed and stamped some but didn't get to the post office, largely because of the snow. I'd like to be buying extra presents for the charities. I'd like to be having friends over or even going to parties. I've pretty much never gone to parties, though it's all good because I don't have time or anything to wear!

Arg, it's all frustrating. Back to my correcting I go.


Ms. Moon said...

It's all a damn fantasy set forth to make us feel inadequate and to sell a bunch of shit.
That's what I think. And yes, I am jaded and cynical.
And believe that the birth of every child should be and could be a holy event.

Jo said...

Well, you're right about the fantasy and consumerism. But I want prettyglowywarmth and cookies and presents. I likes it.

Irmhild said...

Have you ever seen Kirsty's homemade christmas? She makes everything, down to the christmas crackers!
Ah, once they come up with gene therapy to give us all that gene mutation
required to happily live on 6 hours of sleep per night, we'll all be crafting our presents and having drinks parties before christmas! money won't be a problem either, because we'll be super efficient and have time for second jobs, too!

Jo said...

:) Well, perhaps that's the answer :)