Sunday, January 29, 2012

cruise ships

If I won a holiday on a cruise ship, I would try to sell it, and feel slightly guilty for foisting a trip on a floating ship of impending doom to someone else. For this reason, I wouldn't give it to a friend, I guess.

Seriously. Obviously people have fun cruises often - I sat beside and Irish lady who was going home to Essex last time I flew, and she expounded the merits of the cruise holiday, and clearly she had never died in a hideous, terrifying watery grave. Or of over exposure cabaret entertainment and elderly people... I also know two friends who had cruise ship honeymoons, one happy, one not so much. Still disaster free, though, in fairness.  but, yikes - bad things seem to happen to cruise ships all too often. It seems almost more tragic when it was meant to be a holiday, opulent and exotic.

I say stay away from them.


catherine said...

yep..i d rather stick needles in my eyes than go on one ;)

Ms. Moon said...

No. Cruises are not for me either.

Jo said...


morgor said...

i like the idea but i reckon i'd get bored, i'm not one for sunning myself by the pool.

Much prefer hiking around ruins and wandering around cities.

Jo said...

It's true there's no leeches on a cruise ship. Hopefully.