Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I almost wish I was walking past this idiot

Just so I could stop and chat a while.

I saw an internet thingy saying that the sweet looking picture of Trayvon Martin that's circulated is years old,

and post a photo that is supposedly of his current facebook photo, as a '6'2 gangster', a guy with his shirt of, trousers hanging down over boxer shorts, muscular torso and holding two fingers up at the camera.

Apparently it's extremely unclear whether that's actually him or not, surprise surprise. But if it is - so fucking what? He looks like any other teenager kid with attitude, to me, and I'm as unused to gangsta black men giving me attitude as the next terrified white person, to steal a phrase. Yeesh. Another reason I don't want to live and raise kids in America. They wear hoodies, they deserve to get shot... I'll take the intimidating black kid in underpants over the hate filled white racist in shorts and loafers any day, please. 


Ms. Moon said...

All I can say that if that white dude is a representative of www.savewhitepeople.com then I'm thinking that I sort of hope their campaign fails. We ain't worth saving.

Jo said...

I don't think you're the white people they want to save, so wipe your brow!

Tinman said...

If it is him in the second photo, then he still looks about 14, and looks, as yo say, like any other teenager, including mine.
Whereas the guy in the top photo looks like a racist gobshite.
The last little bit of his poster tells you everything - he doesn't that Trayvon was from a ghetto is not really his point, because Obama's son would not live in a ghetto. What Obama's son and Trayvon would have in common would be that they would both be black, and that's what he really hates.