Monday, May 14, 2012

erm... carry on

 I was going to post a post about being tired and having lots to do, in praise of coffee in all its carcinogenic comfortingness. But I am too tired and I've run out of time, and I just read this instead. I love this post.

LOOK AT THAT LIL CHUBBY SLEEPING FACE! I am slayed by their cuteness. 

Have a read of it, if you're a mothery type of mother. If you know what I mean. Insert your own adjective. It's quite strongly opinionated so you may have opinionated responses, but that's all good.

In happy news, I have a LOVELY group of Italians I'm teaching a selection of Irish history to, and SOMEONE ELSE DID ALL THE LESSON PLANS WOO! Nice week in work. And I'm sucking up to the Italian teacher nicely.

Olivia turned into an anti-Christ yesterday and still was one this morning, but the experience of seeing a friend smash her teeth off a school desk hard enough to leave tooth marks seems to have jolted her out of it, thank god.

Cliffhanger: will Jo manage to write the story she's got the second chance to finish, by Sunday evening? When she has 45 essays to correct tonight, and 30 more to do for Thursday. 

Also, I am a woman who hasn't seen her Granny in weeks, and am feeling quite guilty.

That's me folks. See you soon.

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