Sunday, August 12, 2012

I was in HMV today, posters: Mario, Harry Potter and an olde world map for decoratin' kiddie spaces.

The music was uplifting and lovely, and familiar. I ran back in to ask what it was, and the nice guy said it was from the Olympics album (!) - a Sigur Ros remix, which made sense. He couldn't find it on the album, though we looked, so he whipped out his own ipod, found the album and pointed out the song. There was something modern about it, and I appreciated his effort and eagerness (real music fan works in HMV!), and the fact that it was Sigur Ros, which is like musical E, somehow. He was sweet, with a nice beard and dark eyes, and I touched his arm when I said thank you because it was just a nice interaction and human warmth added to it, somehow, if not for him than for me. And, um... because I rarely have a legitimate excuse to touch a sweet man's arm, so I grabbed while I did have.

Not sure if this is it, I think it was slower, but it's close, I guess. 

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catherine said...

Happy days Jo ..that track is brilliant, I ve heard it so many times and never knew who it was so thanks..