Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do you ever type stuff into Google to see if you can find answers and things you need there? I know that sounds stupid. Most likely you just go out and get it. All I go out and get is chocolate.

Anyway, funny story. I just searched for 'solace' on Google, and got an entry for a book of 'Romantic Psychology. Serves me right. What the hell is romantic psychology?? Weirdly, when I looked back to check I'd read it right, it was gone. It's no longer on the page. Did I conjure it out of my disturbed mind? Is romantic psychology what I'm actually looking for? No really, I want to know what it is now, even if I was too scared to click the link when I saw it first.

Then I saw this, after:

Solace is an interactive aesthetic experience utilizing dynamic audio and bullet hell overtones to provide a unique perspective on the five stages of grief. 

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Dynamic audio and bullet hell overtones?

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Ms. Moon said...

I know a family who adopted a child born from a raped mother (Catholic- all of them) and I wonder about that so much. I think of the joy, yes, the child brings to his family but I also think of the mother's heartache which has to be more many-layered than we can imagine. And the family is very public about the way the child found his way to their home. I mean, everyone in town knows and so yes, the boy will know some day too.
Too much to bear, it seems to me.
I don't know, Jo. I don't know that men can be trained not to rape. I don't think I have that much of a regard for human nature or its ability to change.
I honestly don't know. But yes, a very grim subject but one which is very real and very present always.