Wednesday, September 12, 2012

life is what you make it.

Ach, I'm taking that last post down. Real or hoax,  I don't want to look at it.

Went to the Lucena clinic today. I don't know, not sure what to think. They left us waiting for nearly half an hour - not good for our daughter's temperament. She did not co operate, for better or worse.

I just don't know. I hope they help somehow in the long run. I'm feeling so tired and demoralised. I wish it came easier to me to feel  good about it all. Washing up, hoovering, getting up in the morning, shopping, class prep, going to work, food making, finding things for the kids to do. I don't know why it all feels so impossible and cheerless. It's just normal stuff everyone does, right? 


catherine said...

when i start feeling like that i just remind myself that there are families in much worse places than ours and that sort of gives me a kick in the arse..sounds like you ve got your hands full with Olivia at the moment though..hopeful thoughts your way :)

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Everyone goes through these things. Sometimes it just really gets...intense. What can you do? Hang in. That's your choice.