Tuesday, September 4, 2012

doing it again

Inner voice: You're doing it again.
Me: Yes. Yes I am.
Inner voie: Pissing your day away on the internet.
Me: Yep. I did do washing up and scald my thumb, and now it's hurting a lot. In a minute I'll be making sushi. I made Olivia's bread...
Inner voice: meh. You made resolutions.
Me: Yeah, well. I always do that too.
Me: oo, text message. Byee. 


Jo said...

Sigh. It was only the bin company notification :/

laughykate said...

It still sounds productive, Jo! What's a little internet between friends ?

Jo said...

Be fine if it was only a little internet and I didn't have work to do and children to parent, Kate :)