Monday, September 3, 2012

I am glad for the famous people I follow on Twitter who are happy or have good things happening in their lives.

Today my daughter threw her pencil case down stairs full into my face, in the middle of a screaming hysterical fit about homework. It hit me right in the nose. It hurt a lot.

Would it be wrong of me to just start leaving the house with Bodhi when she starts? It worked ok today. We went to the beach and threw stones. I got him an icecream. I met my friend at the supermarket, and her beautiful sparkly little boy (Finley!) briefly. He has glowy, shiny, deep turquoise-jade-blue jewel eyes and all the life of the universe in them. He's amazing.

Olivia seems back to normal now. She finally did her homework. I can't imagine her new teacher warming to her again after how she behaved today, but maybe she's a better teacher than that, who knows? I feel like my daughter is digging a hole for herself, I hope it's not true. I hope we can still get out of this hole.

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Ms. Moon said...

Look at my Lily- she used to act quite a bit like your Olivia. And now- she is the soul of gentle patience and love and the best, most natural mother I know.
Hang on.