Tuesday, October 23, 2012

birth positions


Here's a post I wrote ages ago in response to someone's weirdly dismissive attitude towards birth positions that work. Urg, I was annoyed. Such bad language to push on women, so discouraging.

Here's a great response to that 'undignified' quote from a nine year old, bless them.


Birth! Don't take it lying down!



Rhi@FlourChild said...

Could not agree more!
I was in the "undignified" position when birthing my first two kids - drug free, no problems, loved the whole experience. Then got plonked on a bed and told to lie on my back/side for my third baby, he crowned before I could move (they were wheeling me down the corridor to the delivery room), and then he got "stuck" (allegedly), and had his collarbone broken when they yanked him out. I am SO SO SO convinced that if I was in a different position, this never would have happened. The midwife and doctor here in Belgium laughed at my husband when he said "she wants to be on her knees, that is how she birthed the other kids".
Ooooh, don't get me started!
I don't know why people argue with gravity??

Jo said...

Gravity, basic physics. So stupid.

Ina May Gaskin pioneered the Gaskin Manoever for dystocia, which is basically - turning over onto your knees. And yet... in hospital that's too hard for them. BAH!