Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, I could just eat sweets all day at the moment. I had to drive home fast to escape the urge to go to the cheapy-supermarket and spend money I don't have on crisps and cakes and chocolate and cheap crap household goods I don't want. These strange, self-destructive urges are confounding. Why?

Still want chocolate though, and a fire and a duvet. Instead of all the Things I have to do.

I got a message from Danielle this morning - remember Danielle? He's not around any more because he's been struck down with some mysterious liver condition that the doctors can't diagnose and has been sick for months and months and months. Life is lonely without my partner in crime.

Anyway - I picked up my phone to see a rare message this morning, a beautiful way to start the day -

 I wish I lived in your tumblr

I wish I lived in my *tumblr too. You Infantasia people don't get to see it because it has, among the art and beautiful houses and liberal political insights, sex things you don't wish to know of. But trust me - in my tumblr I put all the things my life is not, and therefore, it's a beautiful little chocolate brown, jewelled world. Sigh.

*tumblr is like blogger, but mostly just a feed of pictures, though there is sometimes writing too. Videos, jokes, etc etc. It's great. Pinterest might be more practical but tumblr has something I like. It's simple and low maintenance. www.tumblr.com If you have an interest - cats, candles, scenery, famous people etc etc, you can just search for that and load up your dash with pretty things to look at all day long. 

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