Sunday, October 21, 2012


Last night I had a white-hot-chocolate with a little spiced rum in it... and even though I should have done some work, or at least gone to bed, I hit the sofa, in front of the heater, cocooned in a hoodie and warm poncho. I turned on the tv but the second the cushion cushioned my head, and the rest of the sofa reached up to hold me, I was en-bubbled, and snoozed for two hours in this little snug of supreme comfort. It was just so... comfortable. I know this doesn't seem like a subject of a blog post, but that level of warmth and comfort was something of a revelation and I feel I should mark it somehow. That's all.

There was a shop near here that sold feather beds, I've always loved that idea. I think perhaps it felt like the perfect feather bed experience. 

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