Monday, November 12, 2012

community service for violent, protracted assault

My country seems to be remarkably forgiving of assault crime.

This sounds like a horrific attack, with serious and long lasting repercussions for the victim. How can community service be an appropriate sentence? Perhaps if he had to sit on a chair and listen to stories of the miseries of women like his ex girlfriend, endlessly, in Clockwork Orange style eyeball bondage or something, then I might understand the worth of it. Something might sink in. Or he might like it, who knows?

No one seems to care too much when foreign students get beaten up here, either, and it happens all the time, with major and minor damage done. Students of ours tried to report attacks the police, and they just shrugged it off and did nothing.

Why is it ok to land feet and fists on strangers, loved ones... why is this perpetuated as something acceptable? Do we miss it, culturally? Are we longing for more teacher and police violence? Do we still believe in it as somehow good for us? Do women deserve good hidings to keep them in their place?

People need to be held accountable for their behaviour. I think this sentencing choice sends out a really bad message, once again. 

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