Saturday, November 10, 2012

I suck balls at being feminist

I'm currently baking cookies as a thank you for not one but two kind men who helped me change my tyre after I drove over the gate post on the way into the school car park on Thursday. One dad on a bike spotted the sorry incident (I didn't realise it was flat, I think I was in level 10 denial), his daughter's in Bodhi's class - he's a cheery friendly mechanic and put on my spare in front of a delighted audience of five year olds. Well, four delighted five year olds and one who was keen to get home for cookies.

So I got a tyre (effectively cancelling out the day of work I had on Friday) and took it home because we were waiting so very long. I confess to kinda thinking that Axl'd put it on for me this morning. But he rushed off to work late, and I forgot about it. I had to go to the shopping centre and was just readying myself for the task when my neighbour came home on his bike and inquired with cautious politeness as to whether I'd like some help. So I accepted wholeheartedly, once again hearing the words of my colleague from New Zealand saying 'if you can't change your own tyre you've got no business driving a car.' She's right of course. And who knows, maybe I can change a tyre, I've just never done it before, and right now I have a hurty knee and really vivid visions of all four of my tyres shooting off my car and rolling down the motorway as I drive down it.

So yes, I just made some cookies that came out ridiculously perfect looking. That's what I'm good at. Not so much with the feminism/autonomy/independence thing.

*Inquired if? Inquired as to whether? Whether? I don't know.


Ms. Moon said...

There are men who can't change tires either.

Jo said...

And I also think that if they're standing helplessly by the side of the road, nice people still stop to help. I hope so, anyway.