Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I roasted a chicken!

And it worked!

I didn't make chocolate mousse, was gonna, but was too illlll. I just wanted to stay in bed. But I also wanted to have nice food and non-mushy sprouts and some normal family interaction, so I went for it, I mopped the floor, I made a chicken that worked and didn't poison anyone! Woo, me! Thank you SolpaSinus, you allowed me a window in which I could actually taste my dinner. And tasty it was. I have light blue plates, and the purple cabbage, carrots, scalloped potatoes and peas look so, so pretty on them every year. I think it would be my death row dinner, I have to admit, my Christmas dinner. Nom.

Nice day today. One child asleep, one to go, and I am really looking forward to a sit and a bit of tv watching on my own terms tonight.

Night all x


Ms. Moon said...

Roast chicken just can't be beat.

Rhi@FlourChild said...

Excellent! Roast Chicken is food for the soul! LOVE it. Glad you got your potatoes scalloped too ;)