Tuesday, January 1, 2013

recommendations, please

Lots of people are writing these courageous, adventurous posts about what hey will tackle this year, what theings that terrify them they will bravely face, what new challenges they will take on.

I read them and I quail, in something like resentful admiration and depressive self loathing. I have no idea how to form such plans, let alone carry them out.

Don't fret, though, I didn't mean this to be a negative post - I just had the alarming thought that I've pretty much become a non-reader. Complex points blur before my eyes, if it's hard or sad or what have you, I tend to run away. I've become a lady-reader as well as a lady-writer! Yeep!

I'd like to use my library more, not just for indulgent fantasy and the like. What do you recommend? Something to educate and inspire, please, I'll be brave about sad stuff, but would prefer to avoid Despair and dead children, if you don't mind. 


Ms. Moon said...

I'll have to get back to you on that one. I'm reading for the soothing effect these days which does not equate to higher literature. Oh wait! Read Keith Richards' autobiography!

Jo said...

:) Ok

Jo said...

Soothing is fine, btw.

Anonymous said...

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, by Katherine Boo. There is a little bit of Despair and Dead Children admittedly but also lots about human ingenuity and solidarity.

The Mistresses Daughter by AM Homes. Fascinating book by someone who is adopted and links up with her birth parents and the complex outworking of that.

The Crocodile at the Door by Selina Guinness. Just published, just nominated for the Costa Book awards in the Biography Section. Utterly gripping and beautifully written portrait of Anglo-Irish life in 21st century Ireland. Plus the author is, like Nicky Grene, simultaneously an author, academic and sheepfarmer, which immediately makes me warm to her. And she sold us half a lamb, which was delicious with an orange and watercress salad for Christmas dinner!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about courage and adventure for New Year. My resolution for the last few years has alwasy been the same: 'try to keep the show on the road, more or less'. Works for me and is quite a tall enough order to be getting along with.

Sonja again

Jo said...

Thanks, Sonja - I think I've just stated a bookclub! So we will put those on the list.