Monday, March 25, 2013

bookworms and hideyholes

I escaped to my room today. I even fell asleep. The kids kept pestering me with unreasonable demands like 'get up and feed us' but I just couldn't.

I keep running to my room, and my hot water bottle retains some heat and it's just so... safe and simple there. Not least because there's this artic wind blowing at the moment, it's horrendously cold. Also because I'm indulging in some James Herriot, which I first read about, I don't know, nearly three decades ago. I was reading it last night, and found a passage that still makes me laugh uncontrollably - I remember laughing my way through it as a kid, and it warms me that a book can still do this all these years and inumerable readings later. I love that, it too is a secure feeling, snuggled up in bed with a favourite book.

Funny, I saw this picture today and normally I wouldn't have posted it, but I took Bodhi to a party this weekend and there was a little girl there who looked just like this one- big glasses, roundy red cheeks, earnest demeanour, looking somewhat scruffy and chubby in a big sparkly purple ruffled skirt and runners. She was really cute. Then today a student walked into a classroom as I was passing looking exactly like the adult version of the little girl, red-blotched cheeks, dousled dark hair, the same glasses. She was small and ... I don't know. Like a little girl who'd grown up without changing at all. And then I saw this, and decided I'm feeling affection for little dark girls in big glasses this week.

My James Herriot book actually had a book worm in it. It's got little rounded passages and funny shapes chewed out of it. Which is weird. Only time I've seen that. Happily, the little worm is long since passed away. 


catherine said...

yes..bed and a good book..heaven
Have a lovely Easter and let there be choclate :)

Jo said...

EXACTLY what there was! Hope you had that too x