Tuesday, April 9, 2013

so, what news?

Not a lot.

I've had intermittent internet acces for weeks. Once it settles down it's here for the night, but it's very temperamental before that. They keep saying they've fixed the line, but they haven't.

Today I had plans - bring Bodhi for the short haircut he's desperate for, and as it's FREE CONE DAY, head to Dundrum Town Centre for free ice cream, and return all the clothes I bought for Olivia a few weeks ago that she won't even try on.

Got there, tried to return clothes in first shop and realised I'd left my wallet at home. We went for free icecream anyway and then I had  to wheedle my way out of the car park. It was cheery one way or the other, though, Ben and Jerry's make peanut butter cup icecream now, and the kids learned that even though you may assume you're in dire straights, humans can still be kind and helpful and let you out of the car park without paying your €2. No need to panic. Olivia even came too, despite her newly developed intolerance of seatbelts.

HMV is weirdly closed off and empty now. Makes me sad, ashamed of their shitty behaviour as I am.

I think dealing with Olivia may make Axl have an actual heart attack soon, and I don't really know what to do about it. We've started sending her to a really good OT, but she won't co-operate. To put it mildly. We are bruised. Literally bruised. I'd sedate her if I could. They're doing a parenting course I'd love to do, but it would cost us €600 on top of the €125 a week her sessions are. Not possible. Poor but happy doesn't work so well when you need support and resources, eh?

Having said that, Bodhi has a newfound love of Brie, on crackers. One child to try and provide special needs care for, one to keep in fine cheeses. A parent's lot, eh?


catherine said...

welcome back :) was up in dundrum myself earlier and that kids clothes shop, no name, have some nice soft organic cotton tops and leggings..dont know if she d go for it but they felt nice n soft ?? and less than €10..

Jo said...

Ahh, Catherine... if only it were that simple. I've bought half of Dundrum and returned it... nothing works right now.

I'm mounring the beautiful, insanely soft dress and skirt from M&S... rejected because they had butterflies on them...