Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the curse of One Pig Left

I'm lying on the bed playing Angry Birds and Bodhi sings his horror theme music in a high pitched, creepy voice -

  Doo dooo doooo dooo... You will always have One Pig Left

Best, most evil curse ever. And it broke me up laughing. Though it does make life more frustrating, being so effective :)


Rechru said...

Visiting your blog today for the first time in I don't know how long. This has made me laugh :)
Jo you mention Olivia a lot - can I ask what the concerns are... and if she'd do kids yoga... I'm a new yoga addict, have been googling it for kids just today, thinking of it for my own little lady :)

Jo said...

Olivia has Asberger's and what was always obvious as serious sensory processing disorder. Yoga would be EXCELLENT for her as it involves a lot of activity that would help calm her nervous system - have you heard of Yoga Bugs? Great for kids - I have a free dvd of it somewhere, will try it out again.