Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's a sunny day. Highs of 20 degrees tomorrow, apparently, woo woo! I hope you get to enjoy it. Weekends I am unable to fight the desperate need to stay up late and stay in bed as long as possible during the morning ahemafternoon so I miss too much weekend. Partly because the thought of the ordeal of going places makes me want to hide. But next week I have some significant money coming in, so I'm going to take the fam to Avoca Handweavers today, and soon I will have an Indian takeaway. YES I WILL, YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Ahhhh... we never had much, but we did have the occasional takeaway, and it was good. I miss those days of meagre disposable income. 

How are you all? I never have the energy to do more than compose little posts in my head, and then I forget them. The Olivia saga continues and I don't have the energy to tell you about it. worryworry

I should be doing some actual proper writing, I should be planning my classes better (And I have to, I have Advanced for the next two weeks, ulp). I should be exercising and cleaning up. These are my shoulds, nothing much changes, what are yours? 

Today@ blue sky, dry washing on the line, a visit to my poor neglected grandmother, and a real lunch. I plan to buy a lemon tart. 



Ms. Moon said...

Blue skies and hanging on the line here too. Everyone has gone home and it is quiet here again.
A lemon tart does sound very fine.

Jo said...

There was no lemon tart left!! So I got a bakewell one, went to my grannies for tea - and my cousin made tea and brought out inferior cake and ignored the tart... so I had to leave it there, untouched. Best Laid Plans... had a nice day though.

My granny was miserable and grumpy, Ms Moon. I hate to say this so baldly, but I really wish she'd decide it's time for her to die...

Catherine said...

My weekend got hijacked by visitors so never got to do my list of should s..managed a bit of a run ( am training for a 5k!!) so felt a bit worthy..and I managed to distract kids from the idea of going swimming..hope the sun makes another appearance this week , it was so nice to feel a bit of warmth...and yes, to hang clothes outside!..good luck with your week x

Jo said...

Oo Catherine! Good luck with the 5k!

morgor said...

I'm feeling quite productive after doing very little last week.
managed to cycle to work today even though the weather isn't great. Started painting again after years of saying that i would and not doing it.
Went to boxing class after not using the gym for ages.
AND managed to stock up on healthy food to cook nice meals during the week. The responsible drinking lark will probably trip me up though, especially with a stag night on saturday!!!

Jo said...

Super productive, M! Nice to see you. I miss you!