Monday, May 6, 2013


The day started off so nicely - Olivia stayed the night with her friend last night, and did not need rescuing. I woke up late-ish and continued my Criminal Minds fest, in the sitting room, while Bodhi watched the Iron Giant in bed, munching popcorn, and then played with the girl next door.

Then I cleaned Olivia's room and hoovered a lot, and started sorting the clothes piles in my room, and hoovered a bit. So I was proud of myself.

The sun has been shining for days. All across the bank holiday. Astounding. If ONLY it was like this for most of the summer - and it rained at night. Wouldn't that be excellent?

Now I'm all caught up with Criminal Minds and Olivia should be able to sleep in her room again. Hahahaha, we will see.

However, I went to various supermarkets, bought the Last Cakebox I'd been lusting after in Aldi, put it in the car, shut the boot on it and ... it cracked. Dammit!

Then I started making Shepherd's pie and veggie chili as planned, but realised the mince was out of date and I'd no canned tomatoes. So I went in search of mince but it was all sold out and Aldi had closed so I gave up and got chips for dinner. Cringe*

And no, Olivia doesn't want to sleep in her room, it makes her stomach hurt to be in there, it feels wrong. I could really do with some everything's-ok-spray at the moment. 


Ms. Moon said...

Does she like the smell of lavender? I know that you were joking about the everything's-okay-spray but if she likes lavender, maybe a few drops on her pillow might make her feel more okay about her room. Lavender oil (mostly in the bath) was my go-to placebo for everything with my kids and they all still love it.

Jo said...

Nope, she hates it. She was raised on it too. Sigh. And ... she won't sleep on her pillow. She sleeps on her favourite teddy bear these days as she can't tolerate her teddy bear.

I feel so sorry for the people who offer me helpful suggestions. It's like... go on, tell me things to do and I'll tell you why it's not that simple. I think we're going to have to move the tv out of the sitting room, then we'll see how quickly her enthusiasm for the aura in there fades!

Annah said...

Would she like a personalised pillowcase? Or did you tell me she doesn't like fleece? Or fun furs? I have some really exquisite fabrics that are incredibly soft to touch.....