Sunday, June 9, 2013

damn, I made some good cupcakes today

Let me just tell you about them. Lighter than air sponge flavoured with orange blossom essence and orange zest and lighten with orange juice and whipped to fluff. Like eating blossom cloud. I've never made anything like that before. Passionfuit cream cheese icing with a little chunk of this wonderful passionfruit mousse/panacotta chocolate you can get in Aldi now on top. Seriously. Run and get some. It's sublime.

Good,  good cake. Me and the kids went to a barbeque in the sun today. Olivia nearly didn't come because I had to wash her shorts and they weren't comfy... I left her a cake at her request and she turned up soon after, driven into her skirt and out the door by the hunger for more. She came and went, bored, but returned for a burger and a cupcake and then discovered Dance Junior for the wii with her friends and had a ball. We have it too, it turns out, so I think there may be a new level of fitness coming to our house.

I brought a huge watermelon we forgot to cut til half the people had gone home, but we got great amusement   from small Arthur lifting it like a weightlifter might lift a medicine ball, circa 1930. There was great food, Indian potato salad, my potato salad (Christ, I love my potato salad, I really do), rice, burgers, sausages, mushrooms (they came last, and I was too full, even for a mushroom, damnit), cake and Tiramisu. Nom.

And it was sunny all day.

I think the rain will be back tomorrow. I have to go close my sunroof and take the washing in. And do some work prep and go to bed. A nice day though, a very nice day. I wish I could give you all one of those cupcakes. I fervently hope they come out like that again.


Ms. Moon said...

I would eat one. I would love you for it.

catherine said...

holy god those cupcakes sound divine..and a perfect day too..bbq's are the best..wasn't it just the best week ever..we'll be talking about it for like that is kind of miraculous for our wee isle..happy new week :)