Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scrota and other celebrations

Bodhi went into the sea more today than he's done since he was a crawly baby, and beelined into it the first time I let him down on the beach.

He ran around in the water shouting 'I'M BRAVE!!!!' and came running towards me elated, 'I'm SOOO BRAVE!!', then got up close and bent forward to whisper that he'd gone in up to his 'sack-willy-sack thingy'.

So today I got to whisper 'scrotum' but for some reason, 'sack' seems to be sticking :) 


Ms. Moon said...

"Scrotum" is sort of an awkward, dare I say? ugly word.

Jo said...

Billy Connolly has a sketch about this. He asserts Vagina sounds like a nice place to holiday, though, and I don't think many women would agree, they're not that comfortable with the word.

What should a little boy call his scrotum, I wonder? It's not a great word, but I'm swayed by the statistic that tells me 8 year olds who can use the proper words for their genitals are far less likely to fall prey to abusers, and I can see the reasoning behind it.

Plus, a five year old saying 'sack' seems a bit crude, non?