Friday, August 30, 2013

really? even me?

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-- Don't bury personal obsessions. Capitalize on them. The connection between personal obsession and the work you do is the most important thing.

-- Be yourself. Singularity is what you need.

-- Avoid self-censorship: We are very self-critical in a way that can be very destructive. In our culture there are voices in our head which have taught us to say, `Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you.' Don't ever think about anybody peering over your shoulder.

-- Don't be afraid to show off, even if you think, ``I'm very close to making a complete fool of myself.''

-- Don't be afraid to entertain. I want to entertain. I don't want to lose people. I feel responsible as I write to give people the best time I can.

-- Love your failures instead of beating yourself up over them.

-- Just do it. Stanley Kubrick once said: ``If you want to make a film, pick up a camera.”

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catherine said...

Brilliant ! what about the idea of loving your failures. it would make life a lot more fun :))