Monday, September 9, 2013

I'd like...

A bicycle  (despite this issue).

Runners. Not just one pair of floppy sandals and one pair of boots. I need something to walk in. Walked on Sunday and it turned me into an agonised elderly type.

Insulation for my house.

An open fire.

A mattress that doesn't turn me into an agonised elderly person and new sheets. I have no sheets. Just one flat sheet that falls off.


Cocktail fixins.

A house with more rooms and storage. anofficeautilityroomalibraryaguestroommanybedroomsgoodsheds and fuck it, why not a tower while I'm at it.

Danielle back.


Ms. Moon said...

I don't think any of those things are unreasonable to want. Well, maybe the tower but hell- as you say- why not?
What do you mean, Danielle back? Where?

Jo said...

Ach, he's been sort of out of action for ages. Like... two years. Not irreprably, I'll get him back at some point, but I miss him now.

None of those things are unreasonable, just unaffordable for one who works part time :/

catherine said...

..don,t you wish you had a filthy rich old relative tucked away somewhere.. :(

Jo said...

Heh. Yeah :)