Saturday, October 26, 2013

Urg. I am feeling cruddy. Narky and anxious and sad and all those things. I think it's made worse by the fact that I put my shoulder (and whole right side really) out on Thursday night when I tripped over a stump in the dark carrying a box of cupcakes and ghost cookies. That sounds like a Presidents of the United States of America lyric.

Yes. Anyway, I have wrenched myself because of saving cupcakes, and now I am in Pain and it's not improving my mood. I made a call to an actual horse osteopath this morning. If she can't fix me, I reckon no one can.

Kisses to Will Wheaton for this post, which spoke to me. It's good.

Update** Complaining seems to have helped, shoulder blade is improving. Still hurts if I breathe in deeply, but otherwise much better.


catherine said...

hey, welcome back..hope all good with you , well apart from the agonising shoulder blade... :))

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

complaining on the internet is better than morphine.

And GO YOU saving the life of those cupcakes.

Jo said...

Heh, true, Kelly. I saved them, only to have them snarfed down in seconds by ungrateful pre teen children. What the fuck did I do all that for?

Hi Catherine - it's not that I've been away, I just have nothing of interest to say! I started writing a post about how we feel about celebrity deaths, but it was really just boring.