Wednesday, October 9, 2013

worser and worser

So I give grinds to a sweet girl whose family have built their own house since I gave grinds to her sister. They used to live in a fancy pants mcmansion sort of home, and they now live in a Grand Designs modern palace of a house, all white and stone and  glass and garages and stables and god knows what. You know the way? Split levels, huge high ceilings, mod con everything... incredibly impressive, a little bit sterile, you'd kill to own it etc?

Well, today I arrived and peeped into the strangely bare room on the ground floor. Yeah, not a room. THEY HAVE A FUCKING SWIMMING POOL.

I'm scared to tell Olivia. It will only make her misery with our miserable little too small no fun house more pangful. I have to pretend to her that comfort, space and luxury are not everything! No! Even though I WANT A SWIMMING POOL TOO AND IT'S NOT FAIR. 


Catherine said...

Yea, but are they happy ??? ....suppose so..but still, you could go the other way and compare your lot with, well, where to start..still, a fecking swimming pool !

Jo said...

Yeah, it's hard to talk yourself out of the joys of a swimming pool. Also: we're not happy. We'd be a fuck of a lot happier with our own pool though, we can be sure of that!

beth coyote said...

I'd take a swimming pool in my yard, heated of course. Hell yes. As for the rest, the white expanse pristine furniture huge art vaulted ceilings etc. Piffle, I say. Too much to clean and besides, the animals still leave their fur, dead er, birds and rodents and barf on things.