Monday, January 6, 2014


Feeling demoralised. Too demoralised to juice kale, I tell you, though I did wake up and drink detox tea instead of coffee. But then I had some processed wheat cereal instead of green juice and I feel icky.

Went to the Hobbit last night and didn't like it and that has depressed me. I just want to watch the book in a film, please, max three hours in total, with no extra bits. Beorn was stupid. Ugh, I won't moan about it. But I'm sad.

Speaking of which, I just saw some woman on facebook post about her child, who's called 'Sárán' (those accents make an 'aw' sound, if you're not Irish). Doesn't that sound like 'Sauron', the evil Necromancer? That bit was good in the film, I will admit.  I wouldn't call my child that, though. Mind you, people call their children 'Siofra' and that means 'changeling' and I wouldn't call my child that either, so different strokes. 


kate said...

Films let me down too. As do t'other people and their child naming. It's all too superficial to worry about.

Jo said...

This isn't about 'films', though. It's about The Hobbit. I mean... THE HOBBIT. Not the same.

Don't think 'let down' is the right word for that little mention - was meant to be humorous only, I promise.