Saturday, January 4, 2014

dogs and things

Went for a nice walk today with son and dog. We met a lovely woman whose lovely crazy dog was a kindred spirit to ours - both came from the same rescue place. I hope they get to meet up again - I nearly asked her for her number for doggy play dates, but restrained myself.

Then on the way back we met a guy with a husky and a Staffy. His father had had a Staffy-Jack Russell cross (which Derry is) and adored it, so much so that when it got run over (by the son's friend, eek) and he couldn't find another, he contemplated mating a Jack Russell with a Staffy and giving away the parents and all but one pup. Grief... makes us mad, perhaps.

The guy was young and ... what's the word? Strapping! He was a young strapping lad, sweet and chatty - his husky was a dedicated thief of other dogs' toys, he'd spent 20 mins on the beach the day before trying to get him to bring back a treasured ball belonging to someone else. Mortifying, as he said. I empathised. His dog had also peed on a young girl's leg, before. We agreed that up on the hill is a different world to down on the beach - on the hill it's dog and doglovers' paradise, where dogs run free and no one minds their manners. Down on the beach, it's all snobby and precious :)

He was a cutie. I love chatting, I really do. I could talk about nothing forever. It makes having a dog appealing, other dog owners tend to be very happy to have a chat.

As we walked along a little squishy path on the side of Bray Head, Bodhi noticed baubles in the trees - I was charmed and then felt slightly eerie - I'm ashamed of myself, but Wicklow has an urban myth history of Satanic animal sacrifice in out of the way places, and there was something of the Blair Witch about these Christmas decorations hanging in the trees off the path. Which is silly, of course, but still... a half delighted, half superstitious frisson overtook me :)

You may have to squint a bit too see them - my phone camera is not that good, sadly. 

As you can see below, the dog enjoyed his Christmas present just as much as his human brother and sister enjoyed theirs. It was so sweet! 


Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

I have never been to Ireland, but in a land as ancient as yours I would steer clear of anything having to do with witches.

Ms. Moon said...

I'm so glad you got a sweet dog, one who makes you happy instead of insane, the way mine make me.
Always good to have a chat with a strapping lad. That's what I say.