Wednesday, February 26, 2014

stupid too

The saga continues. Stupid Ryanair won't recognise my card number on their website so I can't book my flight tonight, and the stupid driving licence centre was too full for me to get my new driving licence when  I went out there today. Could have booked, but didn't realise - in fairness, they did have a warning on their website, but I didn't quite believe it could take an hour and a half... yet... 15 mins per person, and only a handful of people working... stupid!

And wtf, Ryanair? Do you not want people's business? 


catherine said...

F**k them all !! the sun is shining and there,s a great stretch in the evenings..happy days xx

Jo said...
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Jo said...

Ha, tis true, God knows.

It was my fault, I forgot my Laser Card had metapmorphosed into a Visa Debit Card. Duh! Stupidity taxed, as flights had gone up today since last night :(

Hey, Catherine, are you on facebook? Come find me?