Saturday, March 1, 2014


Time is just going too fast. Today, last month... IT'S MARCH. Tick tock tick tock I have things to do/motivation issues. As usual.

BUT. It's actually ok. And here is why. You won't believe this.

So, you know, it's my birthday in April. I was out last night (OUT! In the pub! Drinking lovely Guinness and wine!) and met some people from very much back in the day. They haven't really changed and said the same to me - then Anto, who it seems is something of a mathematical savant (he instantly knows which year he met people in, I don't even know what 1993 means anymore) informed me that I was NOT going to be 39 this year. It seems I'm only 37.

This was quite the revelation. At what point did I decide I was a year older than I am? Why? Is it Alzheimer's? I felt quite shaky. It's nice though. At some point I lost and have now gained back a year. 40 is two years away, not one. This is better.

I still have to much to do, though. 


Ms. Moon said...

I think I always make myself a year older in my mind in order to cushion the blow when it actually happens. It doesn't usually help.
Glad you got to go out and have a little fun, Jo.

Catherine said...

Jesus that sounds like a good night come home a year younger and a couple of creamy pints under the belt..perfect ....are u under fantasia on fb...??

Jo said...

Nope, my own name, same as on email.

An there's two, one for teaching with cupcakes, not that one, the one with the pic of my hands, watch and ring.